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Compressed Sassafras Plank 39 x 3.5 x 1.75

Sassafras Plank, ready for cold-bending by hand. Our Sassafras looks like White Ash sapwood. It is very pale white, with a coarse grain just like ash. Sassafras is lighter in weight than Ash. Here we use sassafras for just about any project, from iconic Cherner chair arms to 3D solid sculpted leaf chairs for architect Gulla Jonsdottir. Sassafras is one of our most dependable bending woods, and easily replaces ash and elm. It is one of our best bending woods

35 LBS
$29.48 (Fixed shipping cost)
  • Ash showing typical yellowish tinge in the sapwood.
  • Ash showing a little greyer than it really is. Darker heartwood shown on right and lighter sapwood shown on left

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