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PURE TIMBRE Banjo Rim - Bend it yourself

Bend your own banjo rim with a plank of engineered hardwood from Pure Timber. You can bend smaller sized compressed wood in your bare hands. To bend a banjo rim, it helps to be exceptionally stout, or, alternately, to have good clamps and a bending form. Each plank is one piece of solid maple that has been compressed to make it extremely flexible for bending. Your plank will be 1"+ thick x 3" wide, and 40" long. If you want a different species than maple, please note that in your order notes. (Walnut is +$35). The plank of compressed maple will be received wrapped in plastic, and at 20% moisture content. It is flexible at 20%. Saw, sand or plane a long scarf on one end (about 6-8"). Anchor the scarf end to a bending form (plywood is ok, we use steel). clamp an extension to the end of the plank to provide some leverage. Walk the plank with it's extension (leverage) around the form (did I mention you want the form securely fastened or you'll chase it around your shop?). Clamp the rim to the form as you go. see also www.puretimber.com/bending. After bending, dry the rim to about 6-7% MC (see www.puretimber.com/finishing). Then you can glue up the lap joint, and turn it on your lathe.

$18.50 (Fixed shipping cost)
  • Your Banjo rim blank will be 1"+ thick x 3" wide x 40" long.

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