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Renovo Wood Features

Most of the curved parts of the 2020 Renovo frames are bent, not sawn. This cuts down on the number of joints in the bike, and keeps the strongest part of the wood where it needs to be in structural components. This is especially important at the head tube, bottom bracket, and seat tube, where we don't want to use weak end grain in these parts. The whole inner main triangle is bent from one piece of hardwood. The one joint created is almost invisible. The whole inner triangle is the structural backbone for the bike. Everything is built off of it. That strong inner triangle is directly connected through the bottom bracket sleeve, the head tube, and the seat tube, to other bent components that together, create a very strong assembly, even before the pretty wood sides are installed.

You will notice that there are usually two contrasting colors of wood used in the 2020 Renovos the inner color is always a strong bending wood chosen from our proprietary Extreme bending raw material that we manufacture in house at Pure Timber. It is this compressed hardwood that makes the 2020 Renovo completely new and remarkable for its strength.

The outer layer of wood on both sides of the central bentwood structure is made from any gorgeous wood we choose to use. Our flexibility in wood choice is greatly increased because of the use of our engineered compressed wood in the inner layer. And we can choose burl, birdseye, gum, curl, fiddleback, quilted, and most any other interesting wood we want. Of course, a primary concern is that it be both light and strong, and we won't deviate far from that formula just for a pretty face.


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