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Wood Choices

The Whiskey Jack frame is made from walnut and ash (or elm). White Oak or elm is used in the chain stays. The colors of wood can be paired with dark on the inside and light outside, or reverse.

Custom frames and the Blackwood edition uses more highly figured wood such as curly black walnut, black ash (which is a little darker than white ash) and black cherry. Black oak or Wenge is used in the chain stays. Ambrosia Maple and Sycamore (lacewood) are also available for the Blackwood, and pair well with walnut.

The pictures below are of flat planks. In a bike, they take on more varied grain and figure from the rounding over of the frame tubes. Other wood species may also be available for the Blackwood edition. We can also incorporate your wood, if you have something of value that you want to have us make into your bike. For example, a downed tree from your property. Barrel staves from your vineyard or distillery. Reclaimed beams from your 1880s home (we have some of those). Collaborations with your wood business. Your wood can only be used in the outer show layer of the bike. The inner triangle layers must be from our extreme bending woods, many of which are shown below.

Black Walnut wood-walnut-panel.jpg

Black Ashwood-ash-panel.jpg

Black Cherrywood-cherry-panel.jpg

Ambrosia Maplewood-ambrosia-panel-1.jpg


Quarter Sawn Elmwood-quarter-sawn-elm-panel.jpg

Sycamore / Lacewoodwood-sycamore-panel.jpg

Red Elmwood-red-elm-panel.jpg

Black Ash Inner Triangle (no finish)wood-ash-panel-2.jpg

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