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Pure Timber produces bendable hardwood and bentwood products and fabrications using a proprietary Extreme Wood Bending™ process that produces the worlds most dramatic and ambitions bentwood fabrications from thick, solid hardwoods. Pure Timber is owned and managed by Chris Mroz (BS, MS, MBA) in Gig Harbor, Washington, USA. Mroz has a background in both arts and sciences. A customer good naturedly accused Mroz of witchcraft in his ability to bend thick solid hardwood by hand. And his shop tends to resemble a combination science lab and witches brew, complete with boiling cauldrens - (the autoclaves), mysterious ticking and groaning machines (the wood presses) and wood that takes on most unnatural shapes.

Mroz scaled up wood bending to architectural sized projects including projects for Frank Gehry, Rockwell, and Sir Richard Rogers. Extreme Bent Wood products by Pure Timber are being utilized for grid shell buildings, interior landscape designs, trellis, canopies, curved walls, curved surfaces, and other large scale hardwood architectural fabrications. Mroz also consults with universities, engineers, architects and designers regarding his specialized field of architectural extreme bent wood fabrication, and guest lectures on the subject at industry trade and architectural association events. Recently, Mroz has spoken at the annual meeting of the American Furniture Society, the American Timber framers Guild, and at the Wood Construction Center in Seattle. Mroz spends most of his time developing and making products using his Extreme Wood Bending Techniques. These products and projects are being featured in books on new materials and numerous magazine articles. His projects will be as easily identified visually as the creations and fabrication techniques of Chris Mroz as they were for Thonet, Eames, Tiffany and Chihuly. Eventually, it could become its own distinctive style, much like "Craftsman", "Art Deco" and "Modernist" became immediately identifiable styles. His Frank Gehry project was featured on CNBC television in their program called “High Net Worth”, see... http://www.flutedbeams.com/news.html. Mroz has been published in several primary scientific research journals in the subjects of plant physiology and plant biochemistry and collaborates with academic research institutions and wood science research teams. Please contact Chris Mroz for consulting, speaking or fabrication assignments at chris.mroz@puretimber.com or by calling 1-253-988-2046


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