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Pure Timber LLC is a fabricator of complex architectural projects. We have scaled up wood bending to architectural scale. Architects and designers can design complex, sculptural, three dimensional projects that can be built by Pure Timber in solid hardwood. Recent projects for Shimoda Design, Frank Gehry, Sir Richard Rogers, Martha Schwartz, the Rockwell Group, and Kohn Pedersen Fox are shown in the galleries below. We are quoting work for Casino, Hospitality, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Auditoriums, Parks, and other high end Commercial, Residential and Civic projects.

Rapid prototyping and model building is offered as a service to allow architects and designers to realize their 3D creations in solid hardwoods. Bring us your most demanding wood fabrication projects. Contact chris.mroz@puretimber.com or call Chris on his cell phone at 253-988-2046.

Architectural Project Galleries:

conrad-hotel-170x170.jpg hull-170x170.jpg parc1-170x170.jpg chris-building-gehry-hall-170x170.jpg
        Kohn Pedersen Fox        the Rockwell Group      Rogers Stirk Harbor RSH-P             Gehry Partners
BIG parc1-170x170.jpg chris-building-gehry-hall-170x170.jpg
        Shimoda Design        BIG NYC      New 3             New 4


Architectural Project List:

Gehry Partners, Los Angeles, USA. Project: Hall Wines hospitality buildings trellis structure

Martha Schwartz Inc, London, UK. Project: Parc1 interior park, Seoul, Korea, senior architect Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

the Rockwell Group, Conrad Hotel elevator lobby - built 92 feet of curving walnut walls

Kohn Pedersen Fox, ANdAZ Hotel, Maui, Hawaii. Building the Grand Staircase

John G Waite Associates, NY, USA. Project: US Department of the Interior, Park Service, Alexander Hamilton historic curved staircase renovation.

BIG NYC. Project: Custom furniture.

Shimoda Design. Project: 100' long organic trellis for Steelcase, Chicago.

Kurani Design. Project: 19 Custom Lanterns for Google, CA.

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