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Whisky Jack available now. Hogshead Spirit and Western Dogwood coming soon


We build the Whiskey Jack bike on spec and as a custom artisan build called the Whiskey Jack Blackwood. Color choices are wide for custom orders (add $1k for Blackwoods). Spec Whiskey Jack bikes are built in four sizes of 52cm (small), 55cm(medium), 58cm(large), and 61cm(extra large). Blackwoods can be built in any size from 49cm to 65cm. Our Whiskey Jack, is offered in a wood/color choice of ash/walnut or walnut/ash (oreo cookie or reverse oreo cookie) build. Spec frame is $4,500. There is a short wait list for one. The Blackwood and custom build is $5,500. Turnaround time on the Blackwood is currently 90-120 days. The Blackwood build has curly grain and various additional wood species like gum cherry, sycamore (lacewood), wenge and ambrosia maple.

Our frames can be well equipped with SRAM Force 1x11 (from $8k) or Rotor 1x13 (from $10k). Other components usually include Whisky Fork and cockpit, Brooks seat, and Rolf Prima or Rotor/Rvolver Wheels.

Order here... http://www.puretimber.com/renovo-whiskey-jack/

A $800 deposit holds your place in line for the next build in your size and wood species.

Renovo's are high-art bikes, hand sculptured from wood, and joined to aluminum and carbon components. Dealing with us is a little different than purchasing a metal or carbon bike frame. You will be commissioning an art sculpture, that you can also ride. You have probably never commissioned an art work before. That's ok. We'll make it something you'll want to do again.


The Whiskey Jack (formerly John Day) gravel bike is the first of our 2020 models to be produced at Pure Timber.

Coming soon will be the Barrel Stave road bike, first built for the Glenmorangie Distillery. This bike might end up being named the Renovo Hogshead or Hogshead Spirit, or Spirit Stave. A hogshead is a large barrel used to age spirits. I see the name gaining a bit of a cult following. Actually, Hogshead doesn't appear on the bike as a decal at all, that being replaced by the co-brand of the spirit company. But we might do a limited run of Hogshead decals. Should we? These barrel stave spirit bikes will be mainly co-branded with distilleries, wineries and breweries, but we might offer some without being co-branded because they are really super cool and a joy to own and ride. By the way, this is what a Hogshead stamp looked like in 1867. It cost $2 and meant your taxes were paid when applied to the hogshead barrel. How would this look as a headtube badge? And because everyone should know this, back then a hogshead of wine was about 45 gallons and a hogshead of brandy was 60 gallons.


Next up in production will be the Bad Ash hardtail mountain bike. At the rate things are going in 2020, look for a re-launch of the Bad Ash in 2021. Quick story...I was riding my Bad Ash up at Whistler last summer. Surrounded by thousands of high dollar Enduro bikes, it was like bringing a vintage Chris Craft runabout to a fiberglass boat show. Getting off the lift, an employee announced into their radio... "there is a wood hardtail getting off the lift".

I need to ask you something else. I've never been crazy about the name Bad Ash. Obviously it's just a play on Bad Ass. Ok, we get the joke. There was a Fat Ash too. Worse joke. Now what would I want to call it? I'm playing around with the idea of calling the Renovo hardtail a Dogwood, or possibly Western Dogwood. Let it sink in before you hate it. Western Dogwood is a small to medium sized tree around here. In the spring it has large showy flowers, probably the only time anyone notices one. The wood happens to be extremely strong with cross linked grain that makes it like carbon fiber in bikes. It's harder than Ash and Hickory. I might laminate some into the chain stays. And of course the hardtail would get a dogleg chainstay. Kind of inevitable don't you think?

Arrange for a test ride in Gig Harbor, WA. 

For more on this... chris.mroz@renovo.bike (1-253-988-2046) .

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