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We build the Whisky Jack bike on spec and as a custom artisan build. Color choices are wide for custom orders (add $1k for custom artisan builds). Our spec bikes, offer a wood/color choice of ash/walnut or walnut/ash (oreo cookie or reverse oreo cookie) build. Spec frame is $4,000, short wait list for one. Artisan build is $5,000. Turnaround time on the artisan build is currently 60 days. The artisan build has curly grain and various additional wood species like gum cherry, sycamore (lacewood) and ambrosia maple.

renovo-john-day-2.jpgAvailable in sizes from small to extra large, the Whiskey Jack (formerly John Day) gravel bike will be the first of our 2020 models to be produced by Pure Timber. First we are building out our demo fleet. Arrange for a test ride in Gig Harbor, WA. Yours will be ready by December 2019 (very limited reservations being taken in 2019 for this 2020 model). $4,000 frame only. Full builds will be done by us on spec and listed here for purchase when ready.

for a no deposit reservation, please contact chris.mroz@puretimber.com (1-253-988-2046) .

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