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Chair Store

Pure Timber builds custom bentwood chairs and has numerous customers that purchase our engineered hardwoods to make their own lines of furniture. Some of these chairs are offered here for sale. These chairs are priced for one to eight unit orders. If you are in the hospitality industry, contact us for larger volume pricing. Many of these chairs will be built to order and may require 90 days to produce. Some of them are ready to ship, and those ready to ship chairs are noted in the product notes.

Most of the chairs shown are original work by us and our wood artist partners. Some of them are imported copies of iconic chairs, and these are noted as originals or copies in the product notes. You will see that the copies are offered at low price points, primarily for the hospitality industry, and the original hand made chairs are priced as art pieces. You may purchase directly from this page. If you would like to discuss your purchase, please call me or text 253-988-2046. Or email chris.mroz@puretimber.com

  • The joined wings of  this reproduction of Sori Yanagi's Butterfly Stool are executed using mid century plywood molding techniques. This graceful stool marries ancient Japanese forms with modern Western materials. First designed and manufactured in 1954, an original Yanagi resides in the Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other fine museums worldwide. Shipped assembled.
    Butterfly Stool (reproduction)
    Reproduction of the modernist iconic 1954 Sori Yanagi Butterfly Stool. Molded plywood and metal, 15½ × 17⅜ × 12⅛". Six available. $120 each. New in box. Walnut veneer on molded bent ply.
  • Stockhouse Stool
    Stockhouse Stool (original)
    Stockhouse Stool from steam bent walnut, sawn walnut, saddle leather and gun metal finished hand rolled steel. Each stool custom built by hand in Knocksville TN by Old North Designs and Spencer Ratliff for Pure Timber LLC...

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