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Renovo by Pure Timber

Pure Timber LLC purchased the assets and intellectual property of Renovo Hardwood Bikes (yes hardwood) from bank auction and the bankruptcy trustee in early 2019 and moved them to our location in Gig Harbor, WA. We are remastering the designs, and will be reintroducing this gorgeous product line of wood super bike frames. Our experience with structural wood bending has allowed us to re-imagine certain components of the frames such as bent longbow seat stays, and joinery around the bottom bracket , seat post and head tube. This is being implemented with our proprietary compressed engineered hardwoods produced for Extreme Woodbending(TM).

Remastered frames will be introduced in 2020. Frame prices of $4,000 to $5,000 MSRP expected. Full builds from $7,000 to $12,000. Custom orders and deposits are not being accepted at this time. A waiting list is open. Email chris.mroz@renovo.bike to get on the wait list

Many improvements are being added to the already stunningly beautiful Renovo frames. We are introducing "Live Active Suspension" that arises from our use of densified, pre-compressed bent parts. This technology comes from our experience in structural wood bending for the architectural market, but buildings didn't really need suspension. Bikes do. The curved parts act like leaf springs in the frame, producing a very positive suspension response that stops vibration from reaching the rider, and smooths out the bumps. We encourage you to compare our frames to any of the high tech frames coming out that try to mitigate vibration in overly stiff frames. If fact, if a bike manufacturer has added 10 mm to 20 mm of suspension to their frames, find out how heavy that is, because we don't need it in Renovo frames. We are going to ride smoother anyway.

Several 2014-2018 frames will be made available in 2019 once we complete templating and geometry calculations. This includes one Bamboo (Panda) frame, Two Glenmorangie distillery barrel white oak frames, three mountain bike frames (fat ash, bad ash, 29er), an R3 urban frame and two or three John Day gravel frames (gravel, all road, adventure). Most of these need to be refinished and re-decaled. Very limited sizes. Pictures and prices will be posted here when they are ready.

In 2019 we are accepting repair orders on Renovo frames built from 2010 to 2018. For a repair or refinish quote, text or email pictures and details to Chris Mroz at 253-988-2046 or chris.mroz@renovo.bike. New decals are available.

We will repurchase selected Renovo bikes (aerowood, R4 pursuit) for more R&D on how these frames performed over the years. Let us know if you have one to sell, even if it has been damaged.

We are interested in consulting with former employees of Renovo. If you have anything interesting to contribute, your severance package is waiting.


 Renovo by Pure Timber

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